The 2020 pandemic challenged all of us in unimaginable and impactful ways. It revealed cracks and fallacies in our society and business communities. The old way of doing things has to be reconfigured. The old rule book must be thrown away as new challenges arise. And through such revelations, we begin to see clearly what we truly need in order to be better and to go further as a community. This is exactly how and why we created qood.

qood is spelt with a ‘Q’.
It sounds quirky, but it is good.

In this new normal, we need to be quick-witted to respond effectively and to promptly troubleshoot problems before it worsens. We believe that these characteristics are important hallmarks that will bring us to our next milestone.

At qood, we work with a whole eco-system of like-minded tech and business partners to bring solutions customisable to SMEs and individuals. This is true empowerment. Technology levels the playing field dominated by established giants with deeper pockets and wider resource networks. And when used efficiently, the business community will be revitalised and will be able to drive further and higher growth.

We did some soul searching ourselves - what do businesses need to survive in these troubled and challenging times?

We believe that the key to the puzzle is in good, applied technology.

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